Teacher's Training Course - Prana Vashya Primary Series

Yogasana is all about alignment, breath and endurance which vary from one level of practitioner to another. Yogasanas when practiced with proper alignments, can help practitioners attain maximum benefits in terms of flexibility, strength and understanding about the body. But even the slightest mistake in the alignments can lead to discomfort, demotivation and injury over a period of time, which are mostly irreversible. The alignments required for the beginner level practitioner can vary when compared to the intermediate, which demands for a progressive understanding about the practice.

Similar to the alignment, the breath is also a key factor which helps a beginner to develop into an intermediate or to an advance level practitioner in Yogasana practice. Merely, a physical capability is not enough to realise anything from Yogasanas. The practitioner needs to realise the importance of mind which is the source for physical motivation and development. This stability in the mind can be achieved only when the practitioner can understand the proper breathing technique, and the physical response to them during the practice.

Teacher's Training Course: Primary Series

Prana Vashya Teacher Training Course aims to provide a complete understanding to the practitioner about the alignments, breath and the right physical actions synchronized with the breath in association with beginner and intermediate levels of practitioners. The course also highlights the most important contraindications and also provides proper substitutions to various Asanas for the practitioner’s different requirements, so that even when the position is not accomplished, the physical and psychological benefit is not lost.
The Shala believes that only a practitioner who has undergone various experiences, development and benefits will be capable of accumulating knowledge about the practice. And only then he or she will be capable of sharing the knowledge according to the requirement of the subject, and not merely instructing according to the theory which was received in any certification course. To fulfil the need of becoming a practitioner before becoming a teacher, the course is set for 8 weeks so that the teacher trainee will first practice and undergo all the experiences of all the levels of practitioners. The course touches upon various other systems of practice, so that a wholesome understanding about the various types of yogasana and its approach can be understood by the practitioner. The teaching learning process in this course will be mostly self-dependent when the teacher trainee prepares a project about the various approaches and levels of practice, which can remain as a reference material for their future teaching ventures, and develop their own view about practice and how the training should be.
So that a leader is created instead of follower.

Upcoming TTC

3rd January


26th February

Duration : 8 weeks
Cost : INR 85,000*
*The course amount may vary depending on practice level.

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