Teacher's Apprenticeship Course - Prana Vashya Primary Series

Yoga Asana is all about alignment, breath, and endurance, which vary from one level of practitioner to another. When practiced with proper alignment, it can help practitioners attain maximum benefits in terms of flexibility, strength and understanding of the body. Even the slightest mistake in the alignments can lead to discomfort, demotivation and injury over a period of time, which are mostly irreversible. The alignments required for the beginner level practitioner can vary when compared to the intermediate level, which demands a progressive understanding of the practice.

Similar to the alignment, the breath is also a key factor that helps a beginner develop into an intermediate or advanced level practitioner in Yoga Asana practice. Merely a physical capability is not enough to realise anything from Yoga Asanas. The practitioner needs to realise the importance of the mind, which is the source of both the physical motivation and development. This stability in the mind can be achieved only when the practitioner can understand the proper breathing techniques and their physical response to them during the practice.

Teacher's Apprenticeship Course: Primary Series

The course includes the Primary Series practice (duration:100 mins.), Pranayama (60 mins.)
and the Apprenticeship sessions (120 mins.) on all working days.

Prana Vashya Yoga Shala has developed a special package of an Apprenticeship Course, which serves as a prerequisite for authorising a practitioner as a Prana Vashya Yoga Teacher. The Shala believes that only a practitioner who has undergone various experiences, development, and benefits will be capable of accumulating knowledge about the practice. And only then he or she will be capable of sharing the knowledge according to the requirements of the subject and not merely instructing according to the theory that was received in a certification course. The vision of Prana Vashya Yoga Shala is to create many leaders on the path of Yoga practice, and the objective of Vinay Ji is to provide quality teachers to the world.

Prana Vashya Teacher’s Apprenticeship Course aims to provide the practitioner with a complete understanding of the alignments, breath, and the right physical actions synchronised with the breath in association with beginner and intermediate levels of practitioners. The course also highlights the most important contraindications. It also provides proper substitutions for various asanas for the practitioner’s different requirements so that even when the position is not accomplished to perfection, the physical and psychological benefit is not lost, and the practitioner advances towards perfection in postures naturally.

The course touches upon various dimensions of practice so that a wholesome understanding of the various types of Yoga Asana and their approaches can be understood by the practitioner.

The Teacher’s Apprenticeship Course: Prana Vashya Primary Series will be conducted only once in an academic year. Hence, we request that you apply for it in advance to ensure your spot. Practitioners not intending to become teachers may also participate in the Apprenticeship Course to deepen their own knowledge.

The total period of authorisation will be at least two years in duration. The journey of a practitioner until the state of authorisation will follow these procedures:
1. The practitioner should have practiced the Prana Vashya sequences at Prana Vashya Yoga Shala for a
minimum of three months in duration, not less than two academic years OR should have a recommendation letter from any of the Prana Vashya authorised teachers after a minimum of 6 months’ practice with them. The letter of recommendation should mention the consistency, devotion, and dedication of the practitioner towards the practice. However, the Shala reserves the right to admit or reject a practitioner’s application to participate in the Apprenticeship course.

2. Apply for the Apprenticeship course, along with the letter of recommendation, and participate in the
course after getting confirmation from the Shala. An Apprenticeship course certificate will be provided at the end of the course. The practitioner who has completed the apprenticeship course will be given enough foundation knowledge to be able to practice and teach with more confidence and fewer mistakes and allow a period of reflection on what they have gained before completion of the authorisation program.

3. After incorporating the ideas attained during the course for self-practice/teaching for at least one year and not more than two years, the practitioner will return to the Shala in Mysore to assist Vinay Ji in his regular classes for a period of one month. Depending on the availability of space to assist the teacher, the assistance period can be provided in any working month during the academic year. It is requested that you apply for the assistance period at least three months prior to your intended arrival.

4. After the assistance period, the practitioner can take a theory and a practical exam within a duration of one year from the assistance period and complete it successfully before getting authorised by the Shala. The Shala reserves the right to provide or reject the authority to teach the Prana Vashya primary series.

5. The whole process of Assistance and participation in the theory exams will be free of charge (the first time only; if the practitioner is unsuccessful in the first attempt, a minimum fee will be charged to conduct the exams again).

6. The process of Teaching and Learning is continuously evolving at Prana Vashya Yoga Shala. We believe that change is the only constant. To satisfy this intention, the Teachers who are Authorised by the Shala to teach Prana Vashya are expected to visit the Shala, practice and if there is an intention, to assist at least once in a period of two years to remain updated with the most recent developments and also to keep them listed on the Prana Vashya website under the category of Authorised Yoga teachers.

7. The Authorisation course, following the Teachers Apprenticeship Course, is designed with a non-commercial intention so that the Shala reserves the right to authorise quality practitioners as a service to theworld of Yoga. Practitioners who have not been in touch with the Shala for more than three years will be deactivated from the Authorised Teacher list, effective from February 2023. They can, however, have it updated in the future by presenting valid authorisation documents when they return to the shala to practice.

The Authorisation for teaching the Prana Vashya Secondary sequence will be provided by Acharya Vinay Ji personally.

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Duration : 4 weeks
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