Dynamic Yoga

Prana means breath, considered as a life-giving force. Vashya means capable of being subdued, controllable, governable. And the term dynamic means to be in constant change or action. At Prana Vashya Yoga, the emphasis is on the synchronization in between movement and breath and the control over both. Throughout the practice, the practitioner is taught precise breathing techniques which are accompanied with each movement, be it staying in a particular position or asana or moving in or out of it.

This harmony between breath and movement, can only be achieved by concentrating on the balance in between both the elements.

The Prana is the source of all activities. The power of the Prana is directly related to the state of mind just like it is to the physical body. While it may be easy to nourish the physical body with diet and exercise, it is not so easy to cultivate a calmness of the mind. In fact, the body and mind are corelated in many ways.
When a practitioner has to synchronize the breath and the physical movements, it is at most important to apply an effort for expanding the state of consciousness. This means that the practitioner has to overcome all the fluctuations and misapprehension which are mostly accumulated in the other layers of mind which is usually termed as subconscious, and develop ignorance towards them. Doing this the practitioner will neither indulge in the memories of the past nor share the conscious power in shaping or planning the future. this state of complete activeness and being totally associated to the present karma is called dynamism. When air, water and mind which do not flow and remain held at any place, level or time respectively they can not be at the peak of their purity. Thus the dynamic yoga approach is meant to motivate the effort in a practitioner to remain conscious of associating with the present karma that changes all the time.

Prana Vashya Shala

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