Prana Vashya Flexibility and Strengthening Course

popularly referred to as the “Back-Bending Course,”

An extremely popular and sought-after course at Prana Vashya that focuses on spine enhancement, flexibility, muscle strengthening and development.

Spine enhancement and flexibility:

The practitioner learns to perform advanced and demanding postures with increased flexibility and ease. The unique and highly specialised technique of therapeutic exercises provides a safe yet dynamic development in flexibility and back-bending.

The Flexibility and Strengthening course does not have a set sequence of asanas - it focuses on the practitioners’ requirements and capabilities on an individual basis. Each practitioner is given a sequence to reduce muscle rigidity and increase flexibility. The key point being that the practitioner has a period of several breaths, as in a Hatha yogic approach, to relax the body between asanas, to feel its full impact. Advanced postures are broken down to suit each practitioner’s needs, and as a result, the overall practice gets enhanced greatly.

Acharya Vinay Kumar’s back-bending techniques are very well known to reduce stress and help in increasing the oxygen levels in the body.

Muscle Strengthening and Development:

These techniques work on the vital development of the core and ensure consistency in form, posture and structure while doing the asanas.

The techniques taught by Acharya Vinay Kumar are also used therapeutically for those who suffer from joint instability, physiological problems or have chronic muscle injuries.

Please note:
The practitioner should opt for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 4 months of practice at the shala. This is to ensure that all practitioners who intend to practice at the Prana Vashya Yoga Shala are given an equal opportunity. (Check course dates)

Practitioners who are opting for the Intensive course will be given the first priority to practice at the Shala. Those practitioners who would like to participate in any individual course shall wait for the Shala’s confirmation until not before three weeks from the commencement of the course.

Afternoon Practice
Duration: 4 weeks
Cost: INR 19,000

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