Hi Vinay,

I wanted to write a special thank you to tell you about the amazing difference you made to my life.  I came to you with very painful and swollen knees and thinking that I was wasting my time and money coming all the way to India to do yoga when at times I could hardly walk for the pain in my knees, especially my left knee.  I will admit that when my darling daughters (Katie and Amy) told me about your intensive course I had absolutely no idea what to expect as I had only done yoga in the Western world and to tell you the truth I had not been enjoying it that much because of my knee problems. Now I know that when I see the three words, yoga, Mysore and intensive in the same sentence that I will be in for a very testing time on my body. 


Although Katie had assured me that you were an amazing yoga teacher Vinay and that you would be able to help me, I really didn't think you would be able to perform the miracle that you did.  When I returned home 6.5 kgs lighter in weight than when I had arrived in India and with both knees so much stronger than I can ever remember them being my physiotherapist was over the moon. She was astounded at the way you had altered the yoga postures to enable me to target all of the little muscles that I obviously was not using properly before. I found I was unable to go back to my old yoga studio and so practised my yoga each morning following the routine you had compiled for me. 

Consequently I went off to the operation for a new left knee in a much better condition than I had been for a long time.  I had my operation 3 and a half weeks ago and although my knee is still swollen and sometimes quite uncomfortable I came out of hospital (after 3 days) with a bend of 100 degrees and now have about 120 degree bend which is about the same as my right leg and about what I had before the operation. Hopefully as the swelling reduces and the scar becomes a little less tight I will gain even more movement and flexibility.

I believe you have an amazing talent for helping people to rehabilitate after injuries. I also found it amazing to see how you were able to assess what a person was capable of doing with their body and how you gently encouraged and worked with your students to help them achieve what they thought was the impossible.  I will be forever grateful for what you helped me to achieve, your kindness, your gentle but firm guidance, your sense of humour, your patience and your obvious love of yoga and your love for the students you work with. To Nagaraj, thank you for always being there to assist me, for your patience, sense of humour and kindness when you had to keep reminding me and demonstrating what I was supposed to be doing.


One day I hope to return to Mysore with my daughters to visit you both again, or perhaps we will be able to host you and your beautiful family in my very magical town of Maleny in Australia.

Jean Cunningham

Hello Nagaraj, 

I wanted to give you some feedback on the recent workshop. It was wonderful! 

It was a great 3.5 hours with Vinay-ji. He jammed packed a lot of good information beyond just body alignments, technical requirements and breath control. 

If I had to sum up his entire discussion, it would certainly be on how Yoga is beyond the personal. It is bigger than the individual source or person. We may have our own agenda in why we take up yoga, but the lasting effects and the practice are deeper than this. 

As well, Vinay-ji seemed to imply and without using these exact words, that when you align your body with the breath, it knows the natural and correct state. In other words, getting out of your way and reconditioning the mind in how to practice beyond what it thinks. The mind always has a fixed idea, but that 'idea' is not necessarily  helpful or correct. 

I personally have experienced many new alignments over the last month. A few things that I thought were always the way to do it, I discovered are incorrect. 

One of these is the forward bend. I believed it was moving from the hips. But Vinay-ji clearly stated it is from the torso. 

That's different!!!

By the way, I have always felt Vinay-ji stands above so many of the teachers within Mysore today. I have already studied with several before coming to the shala. 

You may be aware of this or not, but many teachers humiliate, scorn and/or ridicule students. I myself have been scorned in front of others which I know the teacher who did that would say it was because of my ego. I would beg to question this approach. As I have seen the difference form Vinay-ji. Yesterday, he clearly called out a student who was not paying attention; who may have fallen asleep mentally. He told her to look and that this was important for her. 

What was interesting is that there was no trace of humiliation or making her feel badly. He simply said, "You need to look at this. It will help you."I really appreciate the way Vinay-ji does not make the corrections personal to any of the students present. Clearly there are many mistakes being made and yet, Vinay-ji has the good nature and the tremendous patience to accept it gracefully. 

Thank you.

Toronto, Ontario

Hi Vinay Kumar and staff,


I really enjoyed my intensive yoga course with you! When I finish the intensive course and I came back to my practice, I realized how I enjoyed vinyasa pranavasha stile, and how I miss it! I have been 2 more weeks in Mysore doing a massage course wih not enough time to going to practice, now I am back home, arrived yesterday evening,.. and I will keep practicing it for sure and also pranayama.


I really would like to come back to Mysore, who knows what is going to happen, but for sure, if I go back to Mysore, I would go back to Pranavasha Thanks you so much for your teachings, your advices, adjustments and your energy

Sandra Ramos Alie
Miami, Cuba

Dear Vinay,

I like to thank you and let u know that even though 3 months have passed since i came to do the Backbend course. ...my body still remembers.

It amazes me because i didn't practice strongly afterwards so i assumed my back would not be able to arch as nicely again...but its the other way around. My body remembers the work we did and its easy to perform Eka pada urdhva dhanurasana...which was very exhausting before . 

The effects of that month of backbend practice is that my body cells not only remembers, but the moment i activate the muscles to practice a more advanced backbend i feel an immediate response from my body...like if my body is saying " i have been waiting for this".

Its such a rewarding feeling Vinay. I thank you also for your extremely good and to the point observations about our minds. I wrote down everything you said. Those few words you said while we were doing tiring or difficult asanas, completely transforms the practice from tiring to powerful.

I will come again to learn when i'm ready for more :) 

God Bless You

Meera Una
Luanda, Angola

Dear Vinay , 

Thank you to give us this opportunity to follow this classes. I feel so good in my body and mind. I know that I told you that already previously but the focus you put on the breath and actions on inhale and exhale are for me something brilliant. I am teaching ashtanga since quite some time and we are repeating to focus on the breath and that the breath is leading the practice but with the ashtanga rhythm the breath is more often becoming something automatic and people finally do not pay attention to their breath anymore. 


In your method and how you teach how you put  this focus on breath is making such a difference in the practice and in the mind and as a consequence make it easier to perform the postures . I am amazed to be able to focus so well on the breath and its action how I can create space with the inhale and go deeper with the exhale thanks to you and how then it leads me to deepen the postures. I can also make the difference when I am back to ‘breathing badly’ :-)

Alexandra Ringström
Falkenberg, Sweden



Anyways i'm leaving in a bit so just wanted to share my appreciation of our communication that started in 2018-) and it was your prompt replies full of encouragement that I could do this intensive finally and it has been an immense experience in all aspects.-) thank you. My 57 year old physicality experienced dynamic yoga for the first time and I observed with amazement at how it coped (at times with great difficulty--) ).


I came with a past history of a frozen right shoulder,   a severe constriction in the neck & area near shoulder blades plus joint pain. I'm going back with aches n pain but i TRUST as Masterji said " the body is formatting"-) Observing Acharya Vinayji  i can see he is an enigma!. I'm also aware of how blessed iam  to be graced by an evolved consciousness such as his. He is a true Master. I am so grateful! I wish id met him 20 years ago cause now my body is no more capable of gymnastical postures (life has been one gymnastic teacher itself!-) ) so I can't do TTC but I would really love to get a deeper understanding of the PV teachings and psychology of the structure.(i had few emotional releases during sessions and  know these are all psychosomatic related so interested in how do they work) In a world where yoga is commercialised its a breath of fresh air to see  Prana Vashya shala stands out as authentic, ethical, disciplined, non discriminatory, encouraging and approachable. A genuine shiva temple in the shala meant a lot to me. -)


With an expansion in my heart and a gratitude for everything I wish you all the blessings for your journeys ahead!. PS: Please share my email with my Master. Hopefully the web page will be updated and I look forward to meeting up again next year if life allows it.


Om Namha Shivaya!


Love n Light!

London, UK

About the Shala I like the change in teaching - different format and ideas. Very helpful. Individual work is much welcome. And so too is the work when as a group we learn together. I especially like the detailedness as it relates to breath and movement. I also like that there can be 1 or more "sessions" running in the class at a time.

Experience with Acharya and His teaching Amazing.

So much information. Its hard to retain it all. We all learn different. Listening; data; watching; metaphors, story, writing. Generally all is accompanied. Doing is important. Really appreciated the following "sessions or talks" this time: consciousness talk; level of specificity in backbending class 20190125; pranayama and bandhas… Especially for me I really appreciate the re-enforcing the "proper way" to do things.

Breath and movement. I like this because its tough to build it into habit. And then sometimes one builds the wrong thing into habit. Vinay's ability to "see" what people are doing and make suggestions is very helpful and a definite skill to watch everyone in the room! Experience with staff Good with Nagaraj. I don't know the other young gentleman. I'd suggest you give him some time to do the wiping of the floor as he doesn't probably have enough time.


Having Nagaraj or even another helper in the room when doing the yoga is also helpful. About the Shala environment Great. It’s a lovely place to practise. Toilet always clean. Like that I can use the washroom upstairs. The washroom downstairs is a bit to get to. But great to have 3 available. General Feedback and suggestion if any in case you are not satisfied with any element above. Very Satisfied. There is always a lot to learn and try to implement into daily home life when back.

I appreciate Vinay's intention, level of professionalism and coaching. Would love to learn more about pranayama and chakras - interested in visualizations. Always more to learn.

Thank you for sharing and kindness throughout my stay!

Tracey Strauss

About the shala:

Disciplined and very well thought sequences learned during this one month. Good motivated yoga group of students and good energy at the shala. For me the feeling to be at a real shala and to practice in a temple with Lord Krishna next to you who conquers the nagas and Nandhi in front of you everyday....how amazing is that!

Experience with our Acharya and His teaching.

The fact that Vinay ji was available to meet me short during the registration the day i arrived in Mysore gave me a good impression of how serious he is re the students who are coming to practice at his shala. It gave me comfort re my choice for this shala. In this brief talk which I found very important, I could feel his energy and his openness towards practising with him for one month. And what improvements I have achieved in a month! His teachings are so well thought and sequenced and the way he is teaching, sometimes led class, sometimes mysore practice and giving corrections or very minor but such important adjustments, really notices everything from every student or sometimes he is teaching and practices together with his students. This is for me a great motivation to experience this and to be able to watch his own practice while practicing yourself on the mat and not getting any space for thoughts or slowing down in the sequence. For me the teaching skills of Vinay ji have motivated me every day to be there on the mat with whatever the body or mind is going through. In between his talks about yoga or pranayama or explaining about the prayers it was all a complete package how to evolve further in yoga and your own practice constantly and disciplining the mind and body on the mat according to an authentic concept of yoga. I was not used to Mysore self practice so for me interesting to see how it continues when back in Amsterdam. I feel no need to try another teacher for future references when returning to Mysore as this practice and sequence connects very well with the practice I have been doing and teaching (bikram).


Experience with your staff:

The staff is an added value for the shala. And nice to know the staff better during the one month. Always present, smiling and friendly faces. Any question is answered.. even it takes a bit longer, the questions are not forgotten.

About the Shala environment

Good environment. The view towards the park when starting the chants in the morning is a view to be missed when returning home. The tranquility the shala environment has in the mornings and the neighbourhood activities in the evenings, it all supports the shala's atmosphere.  Happy to arrive at the shala with Kumar riksha whether for mornings or afternoon practice. Precious to see the daily ritual of the flower offerings every morning. And to be allowed to practice there with all my sweaty practice..:-)). All is good for Vinay ji in whatever way the students practice. The strength of the shala is the teacher and because of the humbleness of this humble teacher I am fortunate that my inner voice made me choose this teacher. This humbleness of the teacher, his authentic teaching style and not at all focussed on getting lots of students in for one month to make more money but small groups and equal attention to all. No exclusions and no preferences towards students. That is the strength of this teacher and his shala and please remain like this ....forever. Remain authentic in the commercial bubble of the yoga world today. I believe that I have found my shala and teacher ...in my yoga journey. Thank you Prana Vashya yoga, staff members and Yogacharya Vinay ji. I hope to have a new opportunity to come back soon to continue the practice. Wishing you all the best and more success with Pranavashya yoga shala.

Farida Ishak