Pranayama & Teacher's Apprenticeship Course on Pranayama

Yoga Abbhyas

Practice the introduction, foundation, Intermediate or Advance Pranayama course and develop control myriad thoughts by learning to control the mind.


Practice the Introduction and Foundation, Intermediate, or Advanced Pranayama course to develop and advance various breathing techniques and the control of myriad thoughts.

The Prana Vashya Yoga Shala aims to develop the Asana Practitioner into a Yoga Practitioner by motivating them to include practicing Pranayama in their regular routine.

The journey of a practitioner has Yoga Asana at its core. This is based on the belief that dedication and regular practice will enhance the physical capabilities, such as awareness, flexibility and control. This is far from the truth. While the development of the physical form is indeed a known benefit of Yoga Asana, a true practitioner goes beyond the physical awareness and explores the vastness of the mind. When the practitioner wants to experience their existence beyond the physical limits, the practice of Pranayama helps them on the sacred path of Yoga. Regular practice of Pranayama helps in developing a control over myriad thoughts and patterns by learning to control the mind and body.
It has been proven that the practice of Pranayama techniques helps in maintaining the desired energy levels in practitioners of all levels. It is also beneficial for people who are engaged daily in intense physical activities or who routinely do heavy physical work.

The Shala aims to provide each practitioner with a strong foundation and to create an awareness of the importance and application of breathing techniques, which are an integral part of the practitioner’s journey on the path of Yoga.
Acharya Vinay Kumar is a renowned exponent of Pranayama and is one of the most sought-after teachers. He shares his experience of over 25 years with his students so they too can benefit from the Pranayama techniques.

Please note:
The practitioner should opt for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 4 months of practice at the shala. This is to ensure that all practitioners who intend to practice at the Prana Vashya Yoga Shala are given an equal opportunity. (Check course dates)

Practitioners who are opting for the Intensive course will be given the first priority to practice at the Shala. Those practitioners who would like to participate in any individual course shall wait for the Shala’s confirmation until not before three weeks from the commencement of the course.

Teacher's Apprenticeship Course- Pranayama

Pranayama is a method of practicing concentration of all the energy present in the human ecosystem, to develop the intensity of life force in the individual, to help peace of mind, better physiological processes such as appetite digestion, sleep and frees of mind. Only after these stages are acquired the gate way towards self realisation becomes accessible.

Even though the practice of regular Pranayama assures many benefits it is very important to practice it without missing some of the important procedures and foundations.

Just like how different individuals digest food in different forms. The introduction to the practice of Pranayama can be done to suit each individuals needs differently.

Over many years of observation, it is realised that the influence that happen over the mind and body by practicing Pranayama is irreversible. May it be a very positive Siddhi (enlightenment), aur (or) a negative physical or neurological disorder due to wrong way of practicing Pranayama.

There is always a natural urge which develops to teach Pranayama once you have practiced for a years time. To help you develop confidence, we have brought up this course teachers apprenticeship course in Pranayama with vinay ji online. This is a course designed for those who want to teach Pranayama for beginner and Intermediate practitioners.
The course is conducted once a year.
Discussion and practice on various Pranayama techniques which are suitable to work upon psychosomatic disorders. 2) Practice and discussion of Basic and intermediate pranayama routine 3) Understanding the influence of Dosha's and learning the techniques and the procedure of teaching Pranayama.

Duration: 4 weeks
Fee: 45000/- INR

Morning Practice
Duration: 4 weeks
Cost: E-mail us for detail

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