Teacher's Training Course Back Bending

Back Bending

Teachers Training Course on Flexibility and Strengthening

Teachers Training Course on Flexibility and Strengthening is a pro course designed for yoga teachers which aims to contribute to the teacher’s teaching experience by giving them a wholesome guidance that covers therapeutic approach to yogasana practice and also develop an understanding of increasing the range of motion in the muscular system to the advanced levels.

- Understanding and learning the procedures of developing Flexibility, Strength and Balance with different sequences and Asanas tailored for each type of development respectively.
- Understanding the importance of preparing the body with basic postures to accomplish advance Asanas with increased case.
- Appreciating the importance of releasing tensions which usually accumulate in the anterior posterior and transverse lines of the body with proper understanding of how to improve a beginner’s practice towards the intermediate level.
- Understanding the important procedures and techniques to perform and teach advance Yogasanas based upon the capacity and limit of the practitioners.

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Duration: 00
Cost: 00* *The course amount may vary depending on practice level.

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