Primary series

Prana Vashya Primary Series

Learning and developing the sixty+ asana Prana Vashya Yoga series including the understanding and perfecting the relationship of breath to asana practice.

The P.V. primary series is a sixty asana sequence which is practiced in the morning. Prana Vashya yoga Vinyasa is adopted in between the postures focusing on the development of strength with flexibility. The breath remains the key for practice throughout the series and the practitioner focuses on being controlled by the breath (Adopting proper breathing techniques for each movement during the practice) maintaining continuity in the breath and movements till the end of practice.
The essence of withdrawing our awareness from the external world during the practice is considered extremely important in Prana Vashya Yoga. The practitioner continues to remain under the influence of conscious breathing cycles through the practice. For every half breath, there is a movement. Not even a single breath is left free without utilization. There is no point in the practice in which a breath is lost or some time is taken to think. The only goal is to reach a deeper state no matter what the level of the practitioner is. The sense of Vision is valued to accomplish perfection.
Timings: 5;15 AM to 7 AM
               7:15 AM to 9 AM
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