Important Notice


Please Note:- This is to inform all those enthusiastic practitioners who are seeking to practice at Prana Vashya Yoga Shala that the admissions for all the courses offered by the Shala are all fully booked for the months of December, January and February. We look forward to welcome you to practice with us in future.

Best regards,

Prana Vashya, Management.


Starting dates for the year 2017-18

Starting date for the month of AUGUST – 2nd Wednesday till 30th Wednesday .

Starting date for the month of SEPTEMBER- 2nd Saturday till 29th Friday.

Starting date for the month of OCTOBER -1st Sunday till 28th Saturday.


Starting date for the month of NOVEMBER - 1st Wednesday till 28th Tuesday.


Starting date for the month of DECEMBER - 1st Friday till 29th Friday.


Starting date for the month of JANUARY - 3rd Wedensday till 29th Monday.


Starting date for the month of FEBRUARY - 1st Thursday till 27th Tuesday.


Starting date for the month of MARCH - 4th Sunday till 30th Friday.


Please note that the course will wind up on the same date which is mentioned above. The practitioners will not be compensated with extra classes if they miss some days in the beginning of the course.

Dear practitioners,
We have always admired and are impressed with the enthusiam that you posses in order to practice with us. We appreciate your involvement and expectation of improvement during the practiceBut, we have recently observed that there are a few people who come down to India with an expectation of healing some injuries or ailments which they have experienced  or which have been accumulated during any other activities or their occupation. It is absolutely a good way to find yoga as a path to heal the same but at the same time it is imperative to disclose the injuries/problems and discuss the same with the Yoga Acharya in detail prior to starting the practice in order to ensure that the most suitable course is suggested or taken up.
It is very important to know that without a prior undertanding of the ailments/injuries and preparation for the betterment, yoga can cause irreversible damage to the practitioners. Therefore, with the concern of safety and betterment, we request all the practitoners coming down to practice at PV Yoga Shala for therapeutic purposes to bring a detailed report of their ailments (ex.- MRI of the spine) and the concerned doctor's advice regarding the same.
By doing this, we can uphold the value of yoga and also maintain the integrity of practice.
Thank you.

Only two TTC this year, enroll soon to book your space.

TTC batches for the academic year 2017-18:- Starting date

End date


1st November

26th December

2 1st February 28th March

*A month's practice experience of Prana Vashya Series with Acharya Vinay Kumar is compulsory.

*Maximum duration for which a practitioner can practice at the shala during one academic year is 4 months.

To ensure that maximum number of practitioners in each batch is 14, another batch will be held in case of necessity from 5.15 to 7.00 am. Intensive practitioners will be allotted the second batch (7.15 to 9.00 am) to ensure that they get sufficient rest.



If any organization is willing to host Prana Vashya Yoga classes in your locality feel free to contact us ( for a trained Yoga teacher who is willing to work at your place.